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WATCH IN HD The party starts at 2:12. Post-production and video editing by me, Kyle Patrick DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE

Spring Break 2012 – Panama City Beach, Florida vacation rental condos and vacation homes get more at: Photography by Carrie DeLauder

More at The Tailor of Panama strikes again with another breasty subject on the pool deck at Club LaVela during Spring Break 2008. Wnat a pair on this one. See more like this at http

Spring Break Anthem 2012 Panama City JKe, Big Nate, & AKe – Gettin’ Wasted All Day **ALL RIGHTS GO TO THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS (DJ B-Do, Bun B, Universal Music Group, Rap-a-Lot Records, etc.) No Copyright infringement intended, as there was no profit made from this track.** What’s up ya’ll here is a song I did with AKe and Big Nate. This was filmed in Athens, GA and Panama City Beach, FL.. Too much rage and swag. Hope yall like it and show your friends!! SHOUTOUTS TO KiD ENT. ya’ll inspired us. LIKE/COMMENT/SUBSCRIBE -swag DOWNLOAD LINK: Follow me on Twitter: LYRICS: (JKe) I swag I surf swinging beads up on a car I’m at the beach, PC, steady raging at the bar Titties clappin, oh whats happening, sipping captain till im gone Keep an eye out for a standout to TOUCH and not my Iphone Im not going home, well at least for about a week My swagger shades on, my eyes so LOW like im in too deep But its SB week I don’t need to sleep, cant feel my face all the way to my feet stuttering words and the arm stays curled when i crank it up and I hear that beat dancing moves while funneling brews stay killing our livers cause we shotgun too and your shawty say ooo, cause im raging with the crew flow so hot like shot when goes down through like who’s this dude jke you know with a cup in hand lemonade loko BURNing up so fast your gonna need ALOE cool it down with the crown and ill go real slow 1 shot 2 shots 3 shots seven making shots taking shots these shots are

The madness of the first week of Spring Break 2012 at the Holiday Inn Resort in Panama City Beach, Florida. Thanks to all of the party people from Michigan State, Bowling Green, Michigan, University of Florida, Florida State University, University of Central Florida, University of Virginia, Minnesota, University of North Carolina and so many others that came down to have a blast on our beaches!

Check out the vids from the party beaches of the world famous Holiday Inn SunSpree – THE BEST Spring Break Resort Destination in the World!

Video I took while I was on the beach at Panama City Beach, Fl!! S/O to all the colleges and everyone that showed love for the camera. Part 2 is coming real soon too.. And just remember to TUURRRRNNNN UPPPPP!!!! Lmao

Me and a couple friends went down to PCB for spring break and had a great time cant ya tell?